Welcome To BYHD

“Regardless of your age or current physical condition you’ll laugh, cry, moan, groan, sweat and experience the most exciting, hard working and effective therapeutic yoga routine in the world.” — Bikram Choudhury

Hamilton's First Bikram Hot Yoga Studio!

Welcome to the first certified Bikram Yoga studio in Hamilton, Ontario. Please come prepared to sweat and stretch! All classes are 90 minutes in length and the yoga postures are performed in a hot yoga room. (105–110° Fahrenheit [ 40.56–43.33° Celsius ] with a minimum of 40% humidity.)

It is advisable that you avoid eating 2-3 hours prior to the class time, to allow your body a sufficient period of time for digestion of previous meals. Once you have settled into a comfortable and regular yoga routine, you will be able to assess your eating habits with regard to yoga practice more effectively. In time, you will come to learn what your body’s needs are. You will be able to determine what to eat, how much to eat and when to eat. You will then be able to adjust your eating schedule to complement your body’s requirements. It is essential that you are properly hydrated before taking a Bikram hot yoga class.

Bikram Yoga Back Bend
Bikram Hot Yoga Towel
Bikram Hot Yoga Mat
Bikram Hot Yoga Water Bottle

What to Wear in a Bikram Hot Yoga Class

  • It is recommended that you wear light and fitted attire. For women: sports bras/tank tops, shorts or swimwear. For men: t-shirts/tank tops, athletic shorts or swimwear.
  • Sweats, long pants and heavy t-shirts are not recommended, since the hot yoga room is designed to make you excessively perspire.

What to Bring to a Bikram Hot Yoga Class

  • Two Large towels: Bring one towel for class use and another for showering after class. You also have the option of renting towels at the studio for $2 per towel. Shower and washroom facilities are available within the studio.
  • Yoga Mat: If you do not own a yoga mat, you will be able to rent a mat from the studio for $3.
  • Water: A large, one litre container of water is highly recommended.
  • Spirit: Bring a positive attitude and an open mind!